Celebrating World Book Day with Dot Com Digital

Feb. 24, 2020


It's World Book Day on the 5th March.
World Book Day is a celebration and encouragement for children of all ages to come together to appreciate reading. The day celebrates authors, illustrators, books and most importantly reading. It’s the biggest celebration of its kind, marked in over 100 countries in the world and now into its 23rd year.

This year World Book Day is encouraging everyone to share a story, with lots of ideas and resources to support schools from nurseries to secondary schools.

We’re celebrating World Book Day with our new safeguarding and wellbeing platform, Dot Com Digital; an enhanced digital version of the Dot Com safeguarding programme which has been developed by children with Essex Police, the National Police Chief Council, Internet Intelligence and Investigations and safeguarding leads. There is a free access version which includes five themes; Knife Crime, Feeling Safe, Recognising Personal Warning Signs, County Lines and Grooming.

To celebrate World Book Day, we’ve added the Dot Com Adventure book onto the platform. You can access this as part of the free version of Dot Com Digital in the Free Area found in the Teacher Area.

We have turned Dot Com’s first adventure into a Serial Mash stylebook, accompanied by quizzes and activities making it the perfect story to share on World Book Day, whilst introducing children to Dorothy Com and her friends and family. To access the book, you must sign up for the free version of Dot Com Digital. Schools will be able to choose to upgrade to a paid digital licence once available, but the free version stays free.

This first adventure follows Dot Com, a nine-year-old girl as she tries to help her “Dinosaur Dad” understand the Internet. She accidentally finds herself in an amazing new world. She is quite literally sucked into the computer screen and out onto the Super Highway. Join her on her adventures in Cyber Space and around the world with her friends Wizard, Cursor the Cat and Mister Mouse. But watch out for the bad guys, the Cyber-rats! Their dirty business is data corruption and they really hate children and teachers! If you’ve lost any emails lately you can blame the cyber-rats - they’re after you!

Alongside the book, there's a range of activities that you can use with you class including; paint projects, a book review, creating a webpage, being a good friend and looking at places that the children would like to visit. There's also a range of interactive quizzes and questions for each chapter to assess understanding.

A message from Dot:

I hope you have enjoyed taking part in my adventure. Perhaps you could write a story or poem about an adventure that has happened to you. I would also like to hear about your family and how they are coping with computers and the Internet. Ask your teachers to tweet us @2SimpleSoftware so we can see what you’re getting up to.