The Serial Mash Reading Competition

April 14, 2016

Turn World Book Day into World Book Term!


Read at least five chapters during the Spring 2 Term (22/02/2016 - 25/03/2016) and you could win some awesome prizes for your class and school.


You can read from one of the two new books, The Sleeping Volcano and The Snatch, which will be released once a week, each Monday of the term.  


Or pick a favourite from the library. Teachers, are you ready for the best part? With the new 2Do feature you can get the whole school involved in less than five minutes.


We’ve even provided ready-to-print posters to help to get everyone in the school pumped up and raring to read. 


Ready? Use these links to get all the details.


Don’t have access to Serial Mash?


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Click here to register a free trial for the whole of Spring 2. 


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How to enter in three simple steps


(1) Read at least five Serial Mash chapters between 22nd February and 25th March: They can be five chapters from the same book or five chapters from five different books. They can be from the KS1 (5-7) or the KS2 (7-11) library. You can read them in class or at home. You can read one a week or all at once. Read and enjoy them wherever and whenever you want!  


(2) Complete the chapter quizzes: Every Serial Mash chapter comes with a brain-bulgingly hard, adrenaline fuelled game show style comprehension quiz. Just complete the quiz for each chapter you read. Our super-secret Serial Mash space satellites will register which quizzes you’ve completed automatically.


(3) Share your love of reading: Finally, email or tweet us one sentence (or video clip) explaining why you like reading with Serial Mash. Either email us at competitions@2simple.com or Tweet @purpleMash using #SerialMash 


The winning classes will be picked at random from all eligible entries at the end of the Spring 2 Term. 


Serial Mash example tweet

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Who can take part?


The short answer is anyone aged 5-11, or reading at that level.


Entry is done as a class, but so long as at least one child has completed the five chapters the whole class is eligible!


You can enter more than one class from a school. Just let us know which classes you’re entering when you email or tweet us.  


The competition is open to all Serial Mash readers around the world. For those outside of England the dates for Spring 2 are Monday 22nd February to Friday 25th March.


All you need is access to Serial Mash, if you’re not already a subscriber you can register a free extended trial for the whole of the Spring 2 Term

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You can’t have a great competition without great prizes…


Serial Mash prize logo

1st Prize

The winning school will receive a free whole staff CPD session (worth £200) plus Serial Mash Writers Kits, packed with goodies, for every child in the class.  

Serial Mash prize logo

Runners up prizes

Two runner up schools will receive a free whole staff CPD session (worth £200) plus Serial Mash bookmarks and stickers for the winning class.  


You will also be able to download a printable certificate for every child who takes part in the competition. 

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Download these handy classroom and staffroom resources


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Terms & Conditions


  • For schools outside the UK an alternative will be found for CPD prizes.
  • Schools can enter more than one class into the competition
  • Closing date for entries is 25/03/2016
  • Maximum eligible class size is 40 pupils
  • Books can be read individually or as a whole class
  • Provided 5 chapters and quizzes are completed during the term by at least one pupil, the class can enter  

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